Expansion FAQ


Did Bayside close?

Bayside Community Center DID NOT CLOSE, but is rather expanding its operations to include multiple state-of-the-art facilities to be located at both 2202 Comstock St. and 6882 Linda Vista Rd, as well as other potential locations. These sites will continue to host Bayside programs and services including senior services, community event space, garden activities, educational and leadership classes, and more. Additionally, new programs and services will be made available to the community including a mobile coffee cart and produce stand, as well as other micro-enterprise opportunities as these sites are developed.

Where are the senior classes going?

Bayside senior fitness and nutrition programs, like almost all Bayside services and programs, have continued at the 6882 Linda Vista Road location. As of now, senior lunches, senior fitness and appointment based forms assistance services are available at 6882 Linda Vista Road. Similarly, Bayside’s Academic Club continues to offer summer break and afterschool literacy support at Kit Carson Elementary.

What is going to happen to the Linda Vista Community Garden?

Bayside staff and community gardeners have been working hard to relocate our beloved gardens to a number of different new homes throughout Linda Vista. Mobile garden beds and our new plant patio have been completed on the west side of our 6882 Linda Vista Road location and currently serve as home for a number of ornamental and starter plants as well as storage space for our community gardeners. Additionally, a number of local schools have received various transplants and seedlings from the Linda Vista Community Garden.

What is happening with the old building?

2202 Comstock will be redesigned in partnership with Thrive Public Charter Schools to be a state-of-the-art Community Learning Center inclusive of a brand new school complex, shared community space, and administrative center for Bayside staff. Bayside and Thrive Public Charter Schools. On June 23rd we celebrated the official ground breaking with our Thrive partners and over 200 local residents, leaders and other stakeholders. For more information about the progress of this project and specific design elements, please visit www.thrive.org.

When is the new center going to open?

Bayside Community Center’s is located at 6882 Linda Vista Road and is currently open to the public.