Fall 2017

With the holiday season fast approaching, we recognize that this can be a busy time of the year. We thus invite you to pause and reflect on the many things for which you are grateful. At Bayside Community Center, we have countless examples of the people, activities, and experiences in Linda Vista that we are grateful for, including our community's kind acts, warm gestures, and kindred spirit we are graced with each day.

We are also grateful for the opportunities that continue to come to fruition at Bayside and in Linda Vista, as we empower our diverse community to improve its quality of life through services, education, and advocacy. Examples of these exciting developments include;

Nov. 17 at 1:00pm Bayside will empty its pantry and serve hundreds of Linda Vista residents by providing staple items to fill their cabinets as we enter the holiday season. The first step of empowerment often begins with helping to meet basic needs and address community identified priorities. As a direct result of these types of services several of Bayside's constituents have become some of Linda Vista's strongest grassroots leaders.

This Fall also saw the launch of Bayside's new Healthy Start Parent Workshop series at Kit Carson Elementary. Parents have learned the value of balanced nutritional meals as well as how to prepare cost-efficient and delicious meals through our new interactive curriculum. Workshop attendees also were invited to reserve free garden space in one of Linda Vista's growing community gardens in addition to having their CalFresh questions answered. We are eagerly anticipating the launch of our exciting new workshop curriculum at Linda Vista Elementary in the coming weeks!

Bayside is preparing to host its seventh RLA since 2013. With support from the Travis Manion Foundation and Nadia Arambula, long-time Linda Vista community leader and graduate of Bayside's first Resident Leadership Academy, the 2nd Youth Resident Leadership Program will launch in January 2018. Next year's Youth RLA will emphasize character building and community improvement.

This Fall also saw the installation of a beautiful intersection mural outside one of our cherished local schools, Montgomery Middle. On Oct. 28, nearly 100 community members and supporters installed an important traffic-calming mechanism in a dangerous intersection as a means to keep families and children safe as they walk, bike, and drive to school each day. The mural also beautifies the community, bringing the street to life through vibrant colors and art in an image designed by the community for the community. This accomplishment serves as a reminder of how powerful our grassroots leaders can be as we unite to address community-identified priorities.

For these reasons and more, Bayside extends a special thank you to donors at every level who empower our organization to continue its work in serving the Linda Vista community. And most importantly, we thank you for your continued support and commitment to our beautiful neighborhood!

Summer 2017

Over the past year Bayside Community Center has developed many new and meaningful community partnerships. One partner that we are particularly excited to be working with is Thrive Public Schools. Our relationship with Thrive took a significant step forward on June 23, 2017 with the official ground breaking of a new state-of-the-art, joint use community center and charter school. Located at 2202 Comstock St., this facility will open in August 2018. In addition to this important development, Bayside has also cultivated a relationship with Miller Hull Partnership LLP; an architecture firm renowned for their community-led approach to design. As a result, Linda Vista residents are taking the lead in planning and designing Bayside’s new expanded location at 6882 Linda Vista Rd. We are so proud to be working alongside all of our partners and local grassroots leaders as we build and beautify the heart of our Linda Vista neighborhood!

Bayside Community Center’s growth and expansion will also include various micro-enterprise opportunities. We are especially looking forward to the Fall 2017 launch of our 100% solar powered mobile coffee cart. In addition to providing refreshments and healthy snacks, this cart will provide valuable training and practical hands-on business experience for young and emerging community leaders. Similarly, graduates of Bayside’s Resident Leadership Academy have already begun the planning stages of introducing Boss Boba, a new Vietnamese-inspired Boba shop and lounge within our 6882 Linda Vista Rd. location. This new venue will feature a fresh menu as well as an appealing design to our facilities north end offering abundant natural light and a beautiful view of our neighborhood to be enjoyed by all. We are honored to welcome the creators of Boss Boba and Resident Leadership Academy graduates as the latest micro-enterprise entrepreneurs to launch from Bayside. It is truly a privilege for Bayside to prepare for the future and serve alongside the empowered community of Linda Vista!