Our mission is to empower our diverse community to improve the quality of life through services, education and advocacy.

Immigration & Citizenship

Services include referrals and translation of passport and USCIS forms.

Education opportunities include citizenship classes and know-your-rights community forums.


Services include referrals for low-income housing and tenant-landlord conflict resolution resources as well as application assistance for rentals and section-8 enrollment.

Education opportunities include fair housing workshops.

Advocacy efforts include supporting various Linda Vista tenant initiatives.

Food Security

Food Security1.jpg

Services include senior food boxes, senior lunches, CalFresh application assistance, intercession meals for youth, fresh garden produce sales and mass food distributions.

Educational opportunities include community garden workshops as well as nutrition workshops and presentations.

Advocacy efforts include leading the Urban Agriculture charge in Linda Vista in addition to supporting local legislation in support of community gardens including AB551.

Leadership Training


Education opportunities include a variety of leadership training programs such as the Resident Leadership Academy (RLA), Cooperative Leadership Academy (CLA) and Youth Leadership Academy (YLA).

Advocacy efforts include developing the regional RLA council in addition to various community identified projects.

K-12 Education

Services include the Academic Club, an after-school literacy support program for elementary students. Additionally, school enrollment forms assistance is available.

Education opportunities include Positive Parenting classes.

Advocacy efforts include support for the Kindergarten Readiness Network and childcare enrollment policy.

Public Safety

Education opportunities include various community resiliency workshops.

Advocacy efforts include supporting neighborhood watch meetings.

Employment & MicroEnterprise


Services include application assistance for employment, disability insurance and unemployment insurance. Additionally, we offer a MicroEnterprise support program which empowers local residents to launch their own revenue generating business.


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Advocacy efforts include supporting efforts to bring the University of San Diego's tram services to Linda Vista, taking the lead in developing various traffic-calming projects around the neighborhood and helping to develop the SANDAG Regional Transportation Plan.

Health & Wellness

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Services include a variety of classes including Feeling Fit Senior Aerobics, Tai Chi, Zumba Gold and Ballet Folklorico. in addition to mobile flu clinics and MediCal application assistance.

Education opportunities include various health workshops hosted at our center and local elementary schools.

Advocacy efforts include various community cleanups and taking the lead in developing increased lighting at Kelly Street park.

Bringing the Community Together

In addition to all of our services, education opportunities and advocacy efforts there are other ways we bring Linda Vista together.

Bayside is proud to host a variety of community celebrations, public advisory groups and language classes.

These special events along with our public notary services and support for PlaceMaking policies all contribute to the improvement of our Linda Vista neighborhood.