Walk through the doors at Bayside and who will you see? Volunteers. You can count on it.  

Volunteers make it possible for Bayside to exist, and contribute time and talent to extend our reach beyond the center to populations not otherwise served.

Our commitment to quality volunteer experiences
Volunteers are among our most valued resources, and our program is designed to enhance your experience. We screen, recruit, train, supervise, evaluate, and celebrate our volunteers.  We take pride in making a good match that is mutually beneficial, so each volunteer has a happy and meaningful experience.

Who volunteers?
High school and college students. Seniors. Corporate groups. Local neighbors. Friends and families. Many of our volunteers are former Bayside clients, a testimony to the strength of our services and sense of community.

What about you?  


Fill out one of our volunteer applications below and email it to baysideinfo@baysidecc.org. or Call 858.278.0771 and ask for Kim Heinle to learn more. 

Volunteer/Intern Opportunities
One-Time Volunteer Application
Reccurring Volunteer Application
Waiver Forms