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Bayside Community Center Update and Expansion

Dear Bayside Family,

For over 85 years, Bayside Community Center has devoted itself to our San Diego community. Initiated by the spirit of the reformist movement of the 1880’s, the Sisters of Social Services founded Bayside Settlement House to meet the needs of native-born and immigrating families. Presently, Bayside Community Center operates as a nonprofit with a mission to empower our diverse community to improve quality of life through services, education, and advocacy. Throughout our Bayside’s history, community residents have remained at the heart of our center.  

That said, our community, residents, and institutions continue to face persistent challenges. In fact, according to the City of San Diego’s Economic Development Department, Bayside is located on one of the six most distressed blocks in San Diego with under-resourced housing and educational facilities, food insecurity, and a socioeconomically lopsided Census tract that contributes to an illusion that Linda Vista as a whole is economically thriving as a united community. Remarkably, Bayside has endured the turbulence of economic distress to the point of near closure. In fact, the new leadership’s dilemma was keeping the doors open while addressing community-identified challenges.

I am happy to announce that Bayside has not only survived, but is financially stable and thriving thanks to unconditional and substantial support, which has resulted in Bayside’s expansion. This includes a joint-usage building with Thrive Public Schools in addition to Bayside’s expanded operations into the brick building directly across the street from our current facilities. The new location at 6882 Linda Vista Rd. will host a mobile One Linda Vista Coffee and Produce solar-powered cart, and a community-inspired events center, providing Bayside the opportunity to generate a steady source of revenue. Bayside has also expanded its role in addressing food security through garden expansion into a network of gardens in Linda Vista and the policies that support them. Moreover, our partnership with Thrive Public Schools has resulted in a new state-of-the-art building joint-usage community center and charter school at Bayside’s current location!

While we are excited to announce the latest changes in our 85-year-old organization, the Bayside Family is most proud of continuing our legacy to empower our diverse community alongside our institutional partners and stakeholders. With your participation, we will continue to gather, grow, and celebrate for the next 85 years! To find out more visit us at and find us on Facebook at BaysideCommunityCenterLV.

With warmth and peace,
Corey Pahanish

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