Bayside Mobilizes Philanthropists in Response to Armed-Robbery

Bayside Community Center reaches out to philanthropists to generate over $200 to replace revenue lost during the recent armed robbery of a Linda Vista-based entrepreneur. (Click here to read about the incident).

On Friday, July 19, owner of Taco Time, Jose Heims, was robbed at gunpoint of about $200. Bayside Community Center Executive Director Dr. Corey Pahanish reached out to Heims to discuss what happened. With the assistance of philanthropists from the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Point Loma enough funds were raised to replace the stolen amount and were given to Heims Tuesday, July 30.

When asked why he reached out Dr. Pahanish states, “this is a perfect example of our mission to empower in motion. We have someone who is suffering the symptoms of living in a distressed community and there’s an opportunity to not only address a wound but to empower them to keep going with a culturally relevant business in a community that knows and loves them.”

When asked about the gift Heims commented, “to me it’s important that we get more lights on our streets, not just for me but for everyone’s safety. I want to talk to the city about getting more lights here and I’m willing to pay for them.”

While we are saddened by the injustice suffered by Heims and other Linda Vista residents, we are encouraged by the resilience, generosity, and commitment of our diverse community to improve the quality of life in Linda Vista.